From our Family Farms… to Your Family’s Table

Our Produce

Beachside Produce is recognized as the benchmark in premium fresh conventional and organic vegetables and strawberries. 

Beachside Products are enjoyed across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and parts of Asia.


The Beachside Produce grower base is highly focused on sustainability with their farming practices. An emphasis is placed on producing food that regenerates and enhances the farm ecosystem. One method used to achieve this is crop rotation. Growers are able to produce higher yields and enhance fertility by rotating the ground with different commodities. Our main growing regions moderate climate allows us to grow a wide variety of complimentary commodities.   Growers also primarily use drip irrigation to ensure water is delivered to crops as efficiently as possible. This practice helps to minimize disease by mitigating water contact with the leaves and stems of plants.

Growers also expertly select seed varieties that will thrive in the various weather patterns we see seasonally. This ensures that we will consistently see optimal yields and that the farming ground is producing efficiently. We recognize the land is our greatest resource and our goal is to produce safe high quality fruit and vegetables for years to come!

Food Safety

Beachside Produce is committed to business practices that preserve our fields and farms, provide a safe working environment for our associates and produce a safe and nutritious product to consumers worldwide.

We partner with Primus Labs as our third party audit provider for all grower’s ranches, their harvesting companies and all of our shipping and storage facilities. We have implemented a strong traceability program and are ready to respond if needed.

Growing Regions

We grow year round along the Central Coast of California. During the months of November through March, we transition part of our growing to the desert regions of California, Arizona and Baja, California. We also partner with a grower in Leon, Mexico during the months of August through March to bring Broccoli in through Pharr, TX.

Cooler Locations

Beachside Produce has its own cooling facility located in Guadalupe, CA. We also ship from various coolers in the Santa Maria Valley. During the winter months, we ship from Holtville and El Centro, in the desert, and Fresh House Cold Storage in Pharr, TX.